Tattoos: a disease of society, or a deep sense of the sacred?

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Tattoo - a term borrowed from the nolineziyskogo language. On taityanskomu dialect word « Pope » It means the figure. Being the hallmarks of a particular tribe or having a deep sense of the sacred, special signs have turned into a kind of art. Most often, the owners of the drawings on the body are investing in their masterpieces vivid memories of his life and diverse genusand the characters and silhouettes. But there are some very unusual things that are not able to explain to the customer, even drawing on the body. &Nbsp;

The value of tattoos

A common mistake of those who decided to make a tattoo is to ensure that the selected pattern will remain relevant forever. But this is rare. An exampleact musical preferences of each person, which change over time, depending on the situations. The human soul is dynamic and changeable, so it was to be.

So if you decide to make a tattoo, it's best to choose a neutral figure, or one that will be relevant to you in the future.

more detaillearn about the importance of drawing. Language drawing on the body - a sign system in which the treatment of the signs has several options. The Mayan tattoo of a butterfly symbolizes the immortality of the soul, but in Japan you may be quite wrong to understand, accept your drawing meaningless.

fine workmanship and care

It is best to do a tattoo in the audited stores operating for a long time and do not have negative characteristics. Successful work of masters give hope for a perfect result. An example of such a salon in Moscow is the" House of Elite Tattoo, "by the way, read about this tattoo parlor you can.

All parts are tools that yavlyayutsya variables, the master must be disposable. The situation of « procedure » It must be absolutely sterile. Bring an infection in the skin is not a problem.
Make a tattoo, carefully look after him. Try to avoid scratches, cuts and burns. Use all sorts of creams for faster healing.


Modern technologies allow to display any tattoos. There are certainly rare occasions when help "patient" is no longer possible. Remove with facial tattoos without consequences - it is impossible. Scars when such procedures are always.

Public attitudes

Stehreotipy not going anywhere. It is a sore subject for society. In Western Europe and the United States are accustomed to this art the work of people with tattoos there is much easier to find than, for example, in the former Soviet Union. Therefore it is better to do them on inconspicuous places that will not be evident.

Carefully weigh all the « for » and « against & raquo ;. The decision must be correct. And first of all to you!

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