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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Time is running like water in a swift mountain stream, carrying with it the old andinstead of wearing something new. At the same time it is changing and people are constantly enriched with new life and new achievements in the field of science and technology. A characteristic feature of this process is its tendency to create more compact, mobile, functional devices. Firstly, this approach allows you to create a technique MenShih sizes. Secondly, it will not be tied to any typical point of use. Third, one device combines the functions of a number of diverse devices.

Under this description is a perfect know-how of the XXI century as a tablet PC, or simply tablet. Today, the tablet becomes sothe trendy gadgets like cell phone or personal computer. Indeed, the tablet perfectly combines in one compact package and a mobile phone, the computer and the keyboard, and the camera, etc. A similar effect is achieved through the practical application of sensor technology which eliminates the side (peripheral) lipstron devices to control (especially the keyboard). Any manipulation of the management interface elements occur due to the touch and movement of the fingers touch the field.

These technologies make it possible to expand the functionality of the packaged device, renounce overall accompanying elements councilstion. In addition, the tablet can easily serve as a mobile phone, making it quite popular gadget.

The characteristic fault tablet

The specific device and technology to combine in a single monoblock bodye are many diverse functions, are often the weakest tablet - the main source of his problems. The list of the latter, on the basis of statistical data is as follows:

  1. Issues mechanical integrity and efficiency of sensoryOn screen. This structural element tablet is both a major advantage, and the most vulnerable place (for good reasons). The complexity of the situation in question with damaged screen is that it is a two (excluding the outer protective glass receiving nhe first brunt): the inner part is a matrix, and external - touch-screen. From which of the components it has been damaged and the final price depends on the repair and the possibility of its implementation in principle.
  2. Issues with the inclusion of tablet . Here the role played by the integrity of the supply chainThat is, the cause of failure can serve as a battery or charger fault, or overheating of the key elements.
  3. Hardware problem. This is a group of faults that occur in the various hardware elements of tablet (buttons, connectors, power supply, etc.).
  4. Problems with the programsoftware control. Malfunctions caused by improper device firmware is also not uncommon.

The choice of the service center

The advanced technologies used in the production of tablet , mean that their repair should only deal with certified and upscale cnetsialisty. This approach will minimize the time of work, improve their quality and to protect the client from mistakes. In St. Petersburg, for example, one of the most established service centers offering and other digital devices, is a "KIT-service". It is characterized by a responsible, responsive approach to the implementation of the tasks thatAlways meet the expectations of customers. Service center is quite affordable and liberal in the price ratio. In addition, it has a great location in the city center near the SPbGEU, Haymarket Square and crossing branches Metro "Garden", "Savior" and "Sennaya Ploshchad". Here his work is done qualitatively, not expensive, and as soon as possible.

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