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The Soviet Union was a vast empire, which, although it remained in isolationand from the rest of the world, but still managed to establish a strong enough economy. It (the economy) had its markets in the domestic economic environment. It was a country with its own mentality, carefully formed the ruling elite. It was a country of paradox, which could save a lot of personal funds, but it does not havethe possibility of something to spend due to shortages of goods from abroad. Imposing this information to the picture of modern Ukraine of the XXI century, here for 24 years as an independent and eager to Europe torn away from Russia and the Soviet past, we have to contemplate radically different picture: the market is saturated with products of foreign originso that everyone can choose what he really needs, it would be money. And that's just the latter have serious problems because of the destroyed industrial base of the USSR and failed (so far) the industry of independent Ukraine and is constantly hanging over the working-age population burden of unemployment. And the work that is,st, frankly, its financial side is satisfied, probably not more than 5-10% of the population (the middle class, as held not speak). In such circumstances, we have to get out himself, remembering the proverb about drowning. And here it is impossible not to emphasize every nostalgic for old times, apparent becomTwa of the hated capitalism - the possibility to conduct private business. Today this right is guaranteed by law to any citizen of Ukraine and I must say that a great number of them had exercised that right, especially in those regions where the industry went into decline.

Private business can not onlyto become the main occupation and place of employment, but also may serve as an additional source of income without departing from the main place of work. It is important to find a niche in the market, choose a winning business idea that will generate revenue with minimal investment and time spent. Sometimes the most profitable business beginsI seemed to be completely unremarkable from the idea, for example,.

What is the key?

Before you do something, you need to clearly understand what this thing is what it is, where and who will be in demand. Trinkets are no exception. Keychain - an accessory for keys, which initially is a decoration, nfor in fact can have more functionality that is used in practice. One of the main functions of the transmitter is to reduce the risk of lost keys by additional visual and mass properties of the suspension. However, no one bothers to create a key that will perform these functions passively, while having enough specific activee properties (eg, remote car opener, flashlight, etc.).

essence business

As a general rule, the production of any transmitter in the home (the mass production of streamlined not mention the reasons described above) is reduced to the reconciliation of the basic shatemplate (for example, an empty icon) and its visual content. For example, in the manufacture of key fob technology volumetric filling, there is the combination of the basic pattern (metal or plastic or icon form), visual template (the image on the paper, the exact dimensions of the basic pattern) and a transparent fill (usually on the basis of noliefirnyh resins), holding patterns together to form the final shape of the key fob. Investments are minimal, but the margin in the streamlined channel sales more than satisfactory.

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