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The modern Sectional Gate and – it is now a great opportunity to improve the appearance of your garage or another element in a large complex of houses. Moreover, the modern range of this unique accessory for your home today presented mlegged types and brands. But we should also say that one of the most popular and most reliable manufacturers have always believed Gate Alutech.

Why, should choose high-quality Sectional Gate mark Alutech?

  1. A very wide range will allow you without problems and various complications choose the best option in your case. Thus in a simple way, you can easily and quickly select the ones unique style directions, choose the original design decision that is right for you like better - imitation of wood, special or unique decor, additions original accessories that will improve the look.
  2. All modern Sectional Gate of the mark made on the basis of specialized panels of the highest quality (the thickness is less than 4 centimeters). That is why the Gate have excellent thermal insulationonnymi features.
  3. Easy to operate through a variety of remote control. Such a control for a long time ceased to be a rarity, and really simplifies your work every day.
  4. All products   Alutech meets all the requirements and standards, so that works without problems in most of the modern Hebrewsops.
  5. High security operation, which allows you to forget about the not too dates of your details on the functioning of the structure. The more that modern professionals can easily install these doors with extreme accuracy, which will enjoy their benefits with much greater confidence in Mr.adezhnosti.
  6. Section Gate of the company can be created on request, to all the specified dimensions have been taken into account and the result was really excellent. Thus, always provide for perfectshield from different cracks and functioning of the subtleties that could appear later.
  7. High reliability and durability of the sectional door that with a special move will serve more than one year.

Security unique use of sectional doors:

The form of high-quality hinges and all PANeleus arranged in such a way as to ensure good contact with all the protection of human fingers is between a vertical guide, and its quality door leaf, and even between the sandwich - panels.

In most industrial doors have unique extra brackets that when simple breakage of a cable block Gate on their fall. With very little need can be ordered a good defense against jacking. Thanks to the quality of security, which is equipped with all the Gate , when confronted with an obstacle such Sectional Gate full stop.

The quality standards of modern sectional doors:

Use it vysokotehnologichnogo modern equipment, all the best design work, as well as a permanent good quality control at each stage of production was given a great opportunity to produce good Sectional Gate to get to the world standards.

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