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What to buy slippers for hotels and hotels

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Disposable shoes - guard Gigienes and health. If there is a need to visit any social institution, such as health and fitness center, sauna, steam room, swimming pool, beauty salon, etc., then you should buy one-off slippers . Practice shows that today it is the most convenient, practical and affordable way to warn the spread of micro-particles of soil and dust containing black oil, gasoline traces passing vehicles, pathogenic microflora, allergenic pollen and other harsh environment products.

Disposable slippers can be divided into two groups:

  • Modern protective booties - it is made of polyethylene disposable shoe varying degrees of strength and thickness, using a one- or two-phase lamination or solesthe entire foot. In everyday life, the most convenient and practical option considered lightweight model shoe covers in the form of Sledkov is fixed with a rubber band. Shoe covers help to comply with hygiene regulations and ensure hygiene in public places, where the removal of casual shoes is very difficult.
  • Traditional Hotel, beatty and other spa facilities. In addition to protecting the feet of probable fungal infections in areas of high permeability, they provide a comfortable, safe movement in the room, create a feeling of comfort and convenience, which is especially important for your holiday. Disposable slippers for hotel rooms play a role, rather changeable slippers.

How profitable buy shoe

to buy in Kiev Disposableth slippers or shoe covers, just go to the website of our specialized shop of cosmetics and make an order via e-basket or via telephone. At the same time, if you are a representative of the medical institution, a museum, a chemical laboratory, or simply a parent who regularly attend childFirst garden, etc., while profitable buy shoe wholesale. Price of one pair will be cheaper several times.

What are the buy one-off slippers forHotel

The form of one-off slippers Cape are open or in the form of flip flops.

Depending on the material:

  • Fabric (mahr, fleece) slippers – comfortable, pleasant and soft to the touch, non-slip;
  • non-woven polypropylene spunbond material of excellent quality and at an affordable price;
  • of the foam.

Visit us on the official site and our managers will helpyou decide to select the desired disposable products at a great price.


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