The main types of grout for a tile

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When choosing a grout for beautiful tile , should be guided by its type and neposredstvenoNGOs destination. Quality all grouting for the simplest of your tile is usually always contain a part of a simple cement paints latex and unique impregnation. Before you choose, even some kind of a specific type, you should always familiarize themselves with the characteristics unikalnogo material already on the simple basis that all choose the best just for your unique case.

Today, divided into three types for good tile - on the basis of unique epoxy resins and on the basis of cement, as well as polyurethane pasteki .. For a good filling all the seats in spzhnyh unique wall there are always specifically designed for these purposes all quality silicone sealants. Remember, just proceed to grouting of your joints you can only after all the days after the laying of the tile .

Cement grouting

Grouts is based on a simple cement, as a rule, are all dry mixture, which is in front using divorce, etc.ostoy or water, liquid latex. They are sold as ready-made, simply must not be diluted, but their own cost is much higher. Cement All grouting can always be supplemented with a simple sand and even without it. Grouts directly addm simple sand is recommended that you use when the entire width of the joints between your tiles more than 3 mm. If the entire width of the joints is much less than 3 mm, then the more you fit the unique cement grout without such sand.

It is also worth noting that all cement grouting alwayshav e its small drawbacks: they simply are not usually the most resistant to moisture and all cleaners. In addition, their colors   very poor, because the cream of all the materials dictate. So just mostly cement grout quality is either gray or a white beautiful color.

Epoxy quality grouting

The basis of all epoxy grout is actually very epoxy resin. It is always added hardener and beautiful colors. Such unique fugue exceed cement for a variety of high-quality properties: they are more resistant to the water, chemicals, allmicroorganisms stains and large scratch. Also, all Epoxy grouting always have a very smooth surface, high environmental and even extremely long period of his service. The disadvantages of this type of grout is much more of its high price and the complexity in its use.

Polyurethane grouting

a unique polyurethane grout is a simple aqueous dispersion of polyurethane resins. This very modern material is ideal for the creation of a good water-repellent all seams ceramic tile or, glass mosaics. Some all kinds of polyurethane grouting simply can use a good combination with natural stone . Grout is based on polyurethane resin allows the unique good handle large joints up to 6 mm.

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