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The Russian delicious meat is just one of the major proproducts of modern power: it is always a very high demand, and it now produces more and more. But all meat products is not enough, and they just keep imports from all other countries. Good tasty meat consumption grows. Not only in Russia but also in the whole big world. Is it good or bad?

Meat torasivyh horses tastes great Europe and Asia

In Russia, it is a long time to develop good breeding, but does not even meat: Russian All horse racing and good breeding horses were known far greater outside the country - they have always been the subject of national quality pride . And alsoa time when it is eating horse meat in the food just was officially forbidden, and even in some large European countries such horsemeat still just do not think « normal » and edible meat products, and the whole Catholic Church use it directly, too, are not welcome. Now you can freely.

The use of the chorusoshey horsemeat

The properties of horsemeat successfully used all physicians: it is always prescribed as a good dietary product, or even just introduced into the diet of very sick people for their very speedy recovery.

  • In the simplest of all diseases of the biliary tract and hepatitis its large consumption helpedAET restored and well reduces the likelihood of attacks;
  • for all cardio - vascular diseases, today it is used in a good complex treatment;
  • A very large amount of potassium, it is rich in the amino acids of the protein always possible with such a big horse meat to treat anemia and other disorders in all Startedthose of your circulatory system.

Horse meat is also useful for those who just works in areas of very high radioactive bad light, and it is prescribed to all patients during the modern chemotherapy - to reduce any side effects.

The people in the name of horse fatom a very long time treat frostbite and all the burns, but today she just used in cosmetic large industry as a unique component of the set of all reducing and anti-aging agents.
Finally, all the horsemeat is permitted simply enters into your diet very young children: it is   rather than the whole beef, and startIt is always with her, although the meat is in any case simply should not be given to all children before 6-7 months.

Contra horsemeat

The great dangers, and contraindications to the use of horse meat tasty. In a simple and horsemeat has its disadvantages. Meat of horses can be infected simply: Salmonella in nёm often live directly, but there are also modern Trichinella - this is the most dangerous parasites, although they are always better known as the « inhabitants » our pork. So just buy horse meat in the « random » places you should never, and with good cooking it is always necessary to expose sufficient quality termoobrabotke. Keep all horse meat for a long time and can not even in the frozen form, it simply loses all its properties, so it is ready to fight or make a very delicious stew. Special contraindications to the use of such a good horse meat is not available, except for individual intolerance simple.

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