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The modern world is growing rapidly, and makes its own adjustments to the development of handmade art and creativity.

Today, termin "scrapbooking" (eng. scrapbooking, from the English. scrapbook: scrap — tenderloin, book — a book of letters. « book of clippings ») - is a kind of handmade art on registration of family and personal photo albums. Moreover, it is not easy pasting pictures in an album, and the creation of a kind of collage of photos and decor,which tell of the event.   For example, for a newborn child can picture it as a stork, cabbage or birochka from the hospital. For wedding photography - rings, wedding bouquet or towel, and for the characteristics of a picture with birthday cake can be used with candles or small box for a gift. In general, everything depends entirely ont fantasies and wishes of the author.

The first mention of scrapbooking dated 1598 year. It was then that there was a tradition to collect albums with memorabilia. While it was tenderloin quotes. In England, there was a tendency to start a notebook entries poems, quotes and aphorisms. This fashion observed, mainly among writers and POEComrade those times.

In the eighteenth century began to be widely replicated note-books and diaries, which was a real gift for the female population. Then came the fashion for diaries. Each girl kept her personal diary, which recorded their most intimate secrets.

The emergence of photography gave a strong impetus to the pazvitiya scrapbooking, and the term "scrapbooking" first appeared in 1830. while using the most different - from paper to seashells and stones.

The history of scrapbooking in Russia begins with the appearance of handwritten albums that were decorated with variety of items. This trend creativity enjoyed popula-polarity, not only among the female half of the population, but also among men. This tradition came to us from Western Europe, but with the advent of photography was gaining more and more fans of this kind of creativity.

In Soviet times, it enjoyed wide popularity Dembelskaya albums. But it was still not scrapbooking. The first mention of it was sdelabut in 2006. And in 2008-2009, have begun to appear on the scrapbooking magazines and Internet sites with a master class on scrapbooking. With increasing popularity and accessibility of information on this form of creativity, in many Russian cities were the art studio and scrapbooking clubs.

Today, to create an album using special skrapovogoexplicitly addressed materials for scrapbooking.   Such materials are high-quality and archive. After all, the main purpose of creating the album - is keeping the story, but not all the materials can be used aslandscape design pages with photographs, given their chemical composition. Therefore, preference should be given a specially created for this purpose materials. They are available in specialized online stores (for example, – the flagship Russian store, founded in 2009).

Having decided to devote their spare inThe burden of this kind of art, you're sure to learn how to create true masterpieces, and your personal and family photo albums are truly original and each time, showing pictures of your guests, you will be proud of what created his own hands.

A materials , which you will ICsuse to create a collage in your photo albums, make your heirloom is not only beautiful but also durable. This passion will help you to touch the beautiful and give unforgettable emotions in the creative process. &Nbsp; So do not waste precious time, but rather to make the order must be   materials and begin to createa unique photo album   - skrapovy album, a scrapbook .. We wish you success.


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