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Every parent remembers certain period in the life of their child from birth to optain moment when it all interesting, he is exploring around and all inquires. This is quite a natural process, since the child is still a lot he does not know and does not understand the fact of what knowledgeable adult. From the point of view of science in particular methodologies for early childhood development, it is the children's age (especially up to 3-5 years) yavlyaetsI was most favorable for the development of the child enshrined in abilities. It's kind of a learning process, which should be given enough time, which for good reasons parents are missing, as well as the profile of training in this regard. That's why this heavy, but very necessary, both for the individual child, and for pubIslands in general, take the burden on their shoulders kindergartens and non-creative studios.

What is the "Blue Whale"?

Anyone in varying degrees, is prone to creativity in its literal, conventional sense. But, if the adult art by and large acts as a hobby, for-understand pastime, something for a baby - it's one of the key stages in the development of personality and personal creative (in the widest sense) abilities. Drawing, creating crafts, sculpture, preparing their first baby food, without knowing it, to master and develop skills that will be very useful to him as an adult, complete improvisation life. And onceparents do not have the time, knowledge or skills to push the child in the right direction, then it will be engaged professionals from the art-studio "Blue Whale" in Kiev. We are working not only to develop the child's creative inclinations, but also to protect it from the malefic influence of the street, take his time useful work. And we absolutely do not limit our customers on the basis of age. We tried to organize a variety of activities that would be of interest to different age groups, from the youngest to the adults.

How does the studio?

All those activities are organized by the studio "BlueKit "can be divided into the following groups:

  1. . It's kind of thematic circles, group sessions on a specific topic. They have a child or adult develops some specific skills, learning to do something new. All practiced on the basis of the studio master classes can be divided into two onesmatic areas: creativity (eg, arts and crafts, etc.) and cooking (eg, baking, ice cream, etc.).
  2. Excursions . It is certainly one of the most beloved children's events, because when they are immersed in a completely new environment for themselves, learn a lotNew and travel, in fact.
  3. festive and corporate services . This is a whole range of activities whose purpose is the organization of holidays and celebrations from A to Z.

Learn more about the activities of each group you can on the official website of the studio - There you will find a schedule of planned, the most popular events, as well as a digest (a blog) past and planned activities.

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