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Paulo Coelho

I want to share my thoughts about creativity of Paulo Coelho. I think it is very unfair that today only lazy one, does not kick this definitely outstanding author. Paulo CoelhoI think any reading person is familiar with not only the name of this Brazilian writer, but some of his works. When I first met him, after reading "The Alchemist", Coelho was not so popular as it is now. Then he was not as popular among our readers and as any new author caused interest by its novelty and special flavor.

But what was happen next? Instant jump of popularity, increased sales and craze in Coelho among the youth. Paulo CoelhoLet me explain what caused such a success of Coelho "among the people". For many people, experiencing a spiritual thirst, works written by Paulo Coelho became a real breath of air. Today, the average reader and man in general are in some kind of spiritual vacuum, because in today's information media space, which like a cloud surrounds each person, often completely there is no room for philosophy, spirituality and for some kind of contemplation and depth. Even despite the fact, that all these things are not alien to man, all his surroundings just do not leave him a chance to see all of this in the daily bustle. And way out of this situation can be only one: to pack the wisdom of philosophers and writers of the past in a very compact, convenient and easy to learn material. Paulo CoelhoWhich would not occupied a lot of time, a lot of mental resources in the reader and a lot of space in the pocket. "Simple Truth", which you can always carry with you and refer to them in any convenient moment. And here's the result - Coelho's books, which perfectly fit the requirements. In fact, the author managed to make a very difficult task - namely, to awaken in everyman, or even in any "accidental" reader an interest to eternal philosophical questions, other popular literature just simply forced author to think about this questions. Due to this, i consider the "role" of Coelho in our book market in general positive. I am convinced that no matter how simplified are packaging and presentation of the material, its most importantly, that it can change something in people, give them a push for further studies and expand their horizons

But, as I said, this popularity quickly provoked negative response, which often takes place today at a mass agiotage. Why do I am constantly talking about everyman, accidental or inexperienced readers? Paulo CoelhoBecause we are living in "the most reading country" and for a few people, who are sincerely admired by Paulo Coelho, there is one who will certainly demonstrate to those few, as well as for his brothers-intellectuals, that he is above this level, that this is all "cheap mysticism" and husks, and that if you are familiar with Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, then Coelho should cause a gag reflex at you. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I assure you that the situation is very typical. And here I do not even know what to object this snobs. My logic refuses to take their axiom: " Coelho is bush league, because Dostoevsky is genius" and, therefore, its even difficult to choose any counter-arguments.

What can we blame Paulo Coelho, except the popularity, in which he is not guilty? He writes entertaining and fascinating works, as evidenced multi-million dollar sales and rapturous reviews worldwide. Paulo CoelhoAlong with this, he was able to choose a theme, which was able to attract so many readers, even among those who do not read anything that goes beyond the school program. And, as I mentioned above, he reveals to the reader that the fascinating world of tales, parables and allegories. The world, the door of which, for most people, it does not matter for what reason, but were closed. I see no sense in comparing him with the titans of classics and belittle his book due to this. As well as belittle all those people who had no desire or ability to meet with broadly acknowledged writers of the past.

We often hear that Coelho repeats al ready known to all truths and does not bring anything new.Paulo Coelho Certainly, in his stories there is something of folklore, mythology and legends of various nations. But I can not understand, how does this detract his creativity. Hardly anyone today can be completely free of the literary and musical borrowings, and I could agree with one famous writer, who once said that all European literature is only a variation on the theme of the gospel's history and the "Odyssey" by Homer.

I am not an ardent apologist of Coelho and not trying to protect him. Paulo Coelho Writer, who had won fame and love of readers, hardly needs any justification from a third party. I am only against the snobbery and self nomination of some individuals as a " reader's elite". And, of course, against the fact, that really precious stones, set in a modern shell, were called a cheap imitation.

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