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The level of human development determines the breadth of his views on the same thing. Eger, recalling the Soviet times, most of us are content with the same type of things that are fully integrated into the concept of development of both the individual and society. Given that the residents were effectively cut off from the rest of the world, they were not able to compare the different views and positions, for example, on the design of interiors. Another thing today, toif and borders are open and the level of communication and relationships enables you to share your thoughts with people and projects around the world. For this reason, modern interior design of boring and turned into a very colorful and diverse, combining a variety of styles, materials and techniques.

Virtually every element of the interior in a new way to play and processing, thereby creating a unique performance by the method, content and semantic load of the product. This applies not only generally perceived technological innovations such as modern appliances, but also quite ordinary before, traditional interior elementsAs curtains. Say more, today, the wealth of choice and tissues and how to sew, making curtains among the most coveted and sought after elements of interior room for any modern housewife (from small to large, as they say).


In such a large and densely populated city likeDnepropetrovsk, certainly easy to find any curtains, for every taste, color, and, of course, the thickness of the purse. But, as always happens, it is difficult to find quality curtains, and even see the full range in one place. In the city on the Dnieper River so the place is clearly a curtain shop “ DECOR CLUB & rdquo ;, settling down on the street. Komsomolskaya.The team of cabin has a rich experience of selection and implementation of the curtains, because doing this for nearly 13 years. Founded back in 2003 today, in the midst of the crisis and the common cultural profanity in terms of design of their homes.

From the salons and other similar salonchik “ DECOR CLUB ” It does not differOnly impeccable product quality, amazing choice (which is really wide and varied), but also a professional interior design. Interior designers have not only a decent experience, but also a fresh, modern approach to the problem of a harmonious design that will allow you to not only create a unique in its form and content Yingterrier, but also to find a perfect fit for curtains.

The product range

All products of this can be divided into several stylistic groups:

  • Austrian curtains - distinguished by a large number of used Petelnyh fixing elements and the characteristic shape, is going to lower festoons;
  • French curtains - a distinctive element of the interior in a classical style;
  • Roman blinds - different and original way of fastening clotting, some similar to louvered systemMy;
  • Japanese curtains - different minimalist design, shapes and directness tech anchorages system;
  • Pelmets - quite a popular decorative element top of the window;
  • Blinds - one of the mostits original curtain systems, which can also be called fabric blinds;
  • Thread-like curtains - a great way to effectively and original zoning of the interior.


If you have decided to radically change the design of their homes, the choice of curtains from the collections of the cabin&Ldquo; DECOR CLUB ” will be one of the brightest and the right moves.

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