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A man is objectively the most developed being in the known world to himself (at least,on our planet). The level of scientific and technological innovation, we have achieved today, it was made possible due to the extremely deep development of the mind. The consequence of this subordination of man becomes not only a basic instincts (as it happens in animals), and their deep desires, needs, dreams, curiosity, and so on. N. EachWe have our own hobbies, addiction. If they coincide with our profession, there is a case which they say: a man in his place or a person does what he can and what he really likes. It can be said of collective gun shop « Parity CB ».

The concept of parity

The mankind throughout its history led the war between their own kind. The reasons have been different, however, all backed up by some inner desire to prove their superiority inherent only predators. Of course, in the modern world wars are fought, but the attitude towards them in the society was akin archaismcenturies. Today, his inner warrior can be produced in a more peaceful, for example, in the process of hunting game or engaging in sports shooting. In such cases, clearly can not do without a weapon, supplies and ammunition. Given the specificity of products, it can be purchased with a special permit from the internal organsennih cases and only in specialized, such as the « Parity CB & raquo ;. No wonder the company is named that way because the parity relationship is the basic concept of it:

  1. The parity within the team, providing employees with equal opportunities to realize their potential and combinespeople genuinely enthusiastic arms;
  2. Parity in relationships with customers, allows to realize quality products at really affordable prices.

The product range « Parity CB »

Production is quite varied, but one thing you can be atVerena exactly - its quality does not cause any problems. The store samples of weapons and ammunition from the domestic and the world's leading manufacturers of BARRETT, BLACKOUT, BUSHMASTER, FALCO, REMINGTON. Production is divided into the following target categories:

  1. Rifles, including small-caliber . Oppons rifled type for hunting and sport shooting precision;
  2. Tactical rifles . Threaded, semi-automatic semi-automatic weapons. It is characterized by high precision manufacturing, modular design (weapons can be easily modified by adding or replacing individual elements), etc.ekrasnaya ergonomics. It is virtually the same weapon that is used by the army units, but, of course, has no function of automatic fire;
  3. Hunting rifles . In our shop are pump action smoothbore designs, including shotguns;
  4. Sport Guns;
  5. Accessories and ammunition . A wide range of different supplements to your weapon (bipod, flies, shopping, mounts, sights, cases) and ammunition (bags, backpacks, belts, knives and so on. D.);
  6. Consumables . Huge selection of sportsivnyh, hunting, target, shotgun cartridges.


Shop « Parity CB » It operates mainly on a wholesale basis, supplying its products to regional offices and partner networks, thus increasing the number of reliable weapons in the region.

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