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Consultant Plus — known spravochnaya legal system, which enjoys a great reputation and popularity. Especially ATP serves as a reliable and indispensable tool for a variety of professionals, lawyers, leaders of various organizations, accountants, students, economic and legal institutions of higher research, scientists and the like.

ComputerSingle system contains more than seventy million documents and has a huge amount of help legal information. You may ask: where is can be optimally and cheaply to buy this program?

Purchase "Consultant Plus"

This site, provide for inAl possible to order the system. Here you can purchase the program consultant Plus and use the best conditions of purchase. The program has different versions, which can benefit both companies with a primitive system of taxation, as well as organizations working on a single tax system.

It is necessary to point out that the reference system" Consultant Plus "keeps only the information that is really important and relevant. At the above site, you can seek assistance from the managers of the company. The staff gladly site will answer all your questions about the PCA and the set will recomtions, as well as tips on using the program.

The price system for each individual organization. It depends on the size of the exceptional set and seasonal offers. If you have any desire to study in detail the full version of "Consultant Plus", the company's website you can download a specialst price and realize our plans.

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