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Attractions - Ayutthaya and Catholic Goa

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Today all tourist country, seeking to attract tourists,trying to show they do not Places of Interest of their country, and what else. For example, Egypt and Turkey are popular in our country, as the country – all-inclusive, and most people do not go there to explore the country, and to explore its culinary features, filling their local alcohol and then lounging in the hangover the solartions beaches …

Attractions – Ayutthaya

Normally, visiting Thailand, in addition to our tourist beaches still going to look at Bangkok, because it made up tour programs. And naturally,towards the north no one is looking. And this is a very good reason! After all, in the north of Thailand, brought together the most valuable in historical terms. It started from the north Thai civilization, it was there were always the most important cities.

Thailand is associated with cheap prostitutes, prepared inRefuge in life any fantasy customer, well, Thai massage, which can also result in sex. Tour India for us is Goa and Goa – it just beaches. It is only at first glance, but in fact each Asian country has a huge history. After all, the past is full of interesting events that have left many priceless monumentsin.

The ancient city

Just a hundred kilometers north of Bangkok, Ayutthaya is – the former capital of the kingdom of the same name, which has existed since the mid-fourteenth century to the late eighteenth. ForDuring the existence of the kingdom is ruled by 35 kings, and each of them left behind a lot of interesting things. In the most flourishing kingdom, the city had functioned 3 royal palace, nearly 400 churches, one hundred city gates and 29 forts. Naturally, that has survived not all, and yet in this city is something to see!As everyone knows, ancient city famous for its quaint buildings! Therefore, temples, vast and majestic are the most interesting places in the city.

Attractions – Catholic Goa

In Goa you will not find the ancient Hindu temples or palaces, but you can not move it to the list of uninteresting places. The Portuguese – discoverers Goa destroyed everything that reminded about Buddhism and would now of historical interest. But on the other hand, the Portuguese began to develop Christianity in the occupied territories. Andquite a long time Old Goa (former capital of the state) called « city of churches & raquo ;, because all the local churches are superior in beauty any other Christian church in Asia.

Going to tour to Goa, be sure to visit the burial place of St. Frantsiska Xavier – is the most successful missionary among Christians. It is interesting that all Christian churches built in Goa Indians. Naturally, the local population was not or did not have time to become Christians. So even trying to follow the instructions throughout the Portuguese, they still make their adjustments, so these temples is uniquewe are unique.

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