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Attractions Russia - Ural

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It is worth noting that only native-Russian lands are called the Urals. What Sights Russia attract tourists from all over the world? Many, in fact on the territory of their countless. Some of them We talk today.  

Attractions Urals – the most famous

What is so famous for our home, you ask? And you will be pleasantly surprised when this question will get the following answer: located on the territory of more than a dozen Urals attractions, such as Ilmen Reserve, Reserve Turgoyak, Kungur cave, lake Uveldy and many others.

Hidden Arch

Arch – city-riddle can be rightly attributed to the famous sights of the Urals. By sorryYew, in today's society there are people who first heard about this famous place. This finding once completely turned the Russian science. Even now, in the age of modern technology this city is shrouded in many mysteries.

At the moment, it is a protected nature reserve with a rich his-try. Many scientists can not come together in a single opinion, what is a arch: Observatory, sanctuary or is it a temple? On its territory there are 70 archaeological monuments that you must visit. These can not miss!

& ndash Ekaterinburg; the cultural capital of the Urals

One of the largest cities in the Urals, which occupies the fourth place in the whole of Russia, can rightly be called a storehouse of beautiful and historical monuments. And the main pride of Yekaterinburg - numerous Orthodox churches. Also here you can see the bewitchingguides for its architecture monasteries, green parks, and much more.

Be sure to organize trip to Russia so, what is the point of entry into it. If you want to become culturally enriched, be sure to pay attention to the beautiful temples of Ekaterinburg. One of the mostknown – Church on Blood, built in the early 21st century. If anyone knows, this temple was so named because of its historical significance. On the night of July 17, 1918 there was a shot Nicholas II and the entire royal family. In 1977 it was decided to demolish the old mansion, standing here, that to forget this tragic night.

It's not all the attractions of Russia, but if you want to go on a trip, be sure to check these places on your map.

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