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The most popular type of business as Ironically, - is alltaki trade. But since most people start their trade with the little things, and then little by little increase their turnover. Initial merchants began trading on the curb, and on benches. And over time, these are very comfortable, which protect from the rain, and the sun and the wind. Also, these tents have started to use and for raznyh shares commercials. The most simple and reliable tent is made with sturdy frame and a fairly simple design. The tents themselves are economical and comfortable, easy to assemble and install. There are such devices as:

  • tent - it will be a little harder to design andvery large area;
  • tent pavilions - often they are used for storage, as well as when visiting any activities.

The tents can be quite different sizes: 3x2 very big tent, roomy, it is possible to put the table and shelves, and vitRina. 2x2 - a little smaller, and 1,5h1,5 - quite small in size (you can buy a tent novice seller). The material from which most of these tents are made frame - this metal. A tent is sewn from quality and waterproof material.

If you buy a tent in the officialand reliable company, you should always be a guarantee. Large range, and if by personal order, we must do in a very small line. When you purchase always turns its attention to how sewed and how to make your products are well served to use.

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