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The life of every person on the planet - is a series of stages of personalgrowth, which, in fact, must be continuous to ensure the competitiveness of the individual in society and professional environment. This is quite clearly be seen on the example of an emerging and large businesses.

Business, as well as any other activity that brings some benefit in the form of finance, as wellas a person goes through several stages on the way to becoming stable results. At the same time, at the beginning of its existence, when the need to fight for the customer base and consumer opinion, and at its peak when it is necessary to maintain its reputation, especially, one might even say the key role played by the quality of training.

its performance depends not only on personal training, but also on teamwork, which must organize the head. He must determine not only the coherence of the work of subordinates, but also the direction of the company as a whole (this is especially important at the peak stage to enhance the stability and smooth pazvitiya). Therefore, the senior management ranks just need regular training in terms of decision-making and planning.

Such training can give a lead to the Russian government is not a business association. It has a program perekvalifitsirovaniya managers, analysts, auditHur, chief accountants and financial directors, in line with best international practices, policies and regulations. Thanks to the CPA qualification is carried out personal professional growth of leaders, and with them the cost of the business based on the quality of decision-making task.

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