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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

If to be honest, a brief description of the film for a long time before  release, caused a little bewilderment . Abraham Lincoln Vampire HunterBeing in pure mind is very difficult to imagine and imbued with the idea that the great President of the United States - Abraham Lincoln fought his whole life against vampires. Of course, it is clear that in the movie, especially thrash and very popcorn are possible absolutely any delusional ideas, but some ideas are accepted with great difficulty. However, if you shoot a potential blockbuster, you can easily sacrifice common sense for the general beauty of the picture, the eye-popping special effects and a very entertaining action. However, if there is a desire to convey to the audience some rational thought, this is a very risky attempt, almost certainly doomed to serious criticism after the film's release.
Tim BurtonBy the way, not a dark gothic Hollywood storyteller Tim Burton and Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov came up with such a plot. He was taken from the novel of contemporary fashion writer Seth Grahame-Smith, who specializes in the rethinking of fantasy-trash classics such as "Pride and Prejudice" and rewriting the facts of history in a perverted style. And if for Tim Burton to produce this project - is a kind of cheerful creative experiment on the culture and history of his native state, then for Timur Bekmambetov - it is an opportunity to make another big-budget Hollywood action movie that he had previously done with the project "Wanted."
Timur BekmambetovThat's why Bekmambetov shoots " Vampire Hunter" as he would shot any other entertaining thriller, not looking at the meaning of what is happening on the screen, focusing on the visual aspect, putting all his skills of clipmaker and advertiser here - "shoot beautiful". Bekmambetov, from a position of picture perfection, carefully licking each frame, trying to achieve a perfect entertainment of individual episodes and the picture as a whole. At the same time, its clearly felt that by his talent and tastes Timur is just action- director, and not the creator of horrors. Abraham Lincoln Vampire HunterSigns of a terrible movie in the form of naturalistic violence, cruelty and dark atmosphere almost not interested Bekmambetov. This is implemented quite superficial and detachedly. Major artistic and technical elements of thriller in " Vampire Hunter" is quite generously scattered throughout the timekeeping of the movie in a rich assortment. There is also alternating delayed and accelerated shooting, and very detailed specification of small particles that make up the frame (for example, a lot of splashing droplets of blood or flying chips after ax hitting), Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunterand impossible in real life, but nice-looking on-screen stunts, and just as unreal, but very beautiful setting of melee battles. Based on this, the film is a pure thriller in its shape and the horror - exclusively on its content.
By the sum of the impressions the film looks great, especially in the cinema. Of course, this is not a biography of Abraham Lincoln, its the summer blockbuster. In addition, for all the delirium of the plot, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunterfrom the movie you can learn the basic period of life of the great President of the United States, if completely exclude vampires. In our time of decline of the interest in the history among young, perhaps, such fantastic films can cause in children the desire to know how peple had actually lived in times of long past epochs.
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" Abraham Lincoln" - is very controversial film in its content and form, in order moviegoers really like it. For those who like the historical accuracy or artistic realism, this film will seem terrible nonsense. Fans of violent horror remain unsatisfied, because there is a small amount of real cruelty. Abraham Lincoln Vampire HunterFans of popcorn thriller, for which this film is the closest, they will be unhappy with periodic lectures from the history and pathos speeches. The movie is not perfect in any of its focus, but as cute martial spectacle is quite able to give pleasure. I appreciated the visual aspect of this picture and mentally shake hands Timur Bekmambetov for his talent to shoot a very beautiful film.

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