Residence permit in France

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residence permit in France

France is attractive country to live. Since France is not in the EU, obtaining a temporary residence permit has some residence permit in Francepeculiarities, even gives the right to the status of an employee or an opportunity for a long stay, family reunion or private purposes. Overall, it looks like this: you or your family have every right to a residence permit (plein droit) if you have even only one of the nearly fifteen conditions. Briefly, these conditions can be described as follows: you can claim a legal right to stay in France, if you are a underage, and one or both of your parents already have a residence permit. If you do not have such parents, you need to prove that you are regularly living in the country for more than ten years, or that you were born and lived in France for at least eight years. And if it happens after the age of ten, you should learn five or more years in school in France.
In addition, the residence permit may be given if you have had an accident at work, an occupational disease appeared and earning capacity is lost by not less than 20%, or if you often visit France and the appropriate quality medical care can be obtained only in this country.
residence permit in FranceIn the same way for example, if your husband or wife has a residence permit, or you are married to a French woman or Frenchman, and you are regularly coming into the country - for a family reunion. If you are married to a foreigner, having the status of a residence permit as a researcher, in this case, you do not need special permission for a residence permit in France. Also, the residence permit can be given, if the family or personal relationships are firmly established, if you have underage child living in France, and you have at least a partial parental rights and help him financially.
In addition, there are other ways to get a French residence permit: if you are a stateless person, your husband or wife and children of eighteen and less than eighteen years old also have the right to receive such a residence permit - however, if the the marriage took place before receiving asylum. You can also get territorial asylum - the conditions for obtaining a residence permit are the same as for the family of a stateless person.
residence permit in FranceActually residence permits are as varied, as the ways to obtain them. If you get a residence permit as a guest, you will need to indicate that you have sufficient funds to live, and you will not have to engage in employment or professional activity. If you're not just a guest, you are the student, then you'll have to prove that you have a sum of no less than 70% of the scholarships, that the French government pays its students. residence permit in FranceIf you are a scientist or a university teacher, then you should have a protocol about the invitation by the French scientific or educational institution. Artist or cultural worker must provide a contract concluded for a period of at least 3 months with a French company, corresponding to a given occupation. If you have an agreement with a specific employer for hired labor, the period of residence permit will be equivalent to the length of your employment. You also can engage in unpaid professional activity - in this case, you need to sign the so-called civil solidarity pact with French citizen or a person who already have a residence permit.
If the application for a residence permit is carried out for the first time, then you will have to pass a medical check. Application is submitted after the entry into France, but not later than two months after arrival.residence permit in France Living in France for a period up to three months does not need a residence permit - for a smooth entry and departure is sufficient to have a return ticket, where is indicated the date of departure.
It should also be noted that from the beginning of the new millennium - January 1, 2000 - France began to issue residence permits for free.

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