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Flowers throughout the history of mankind, accompanyt his decorating lives and the interior. These beautiful, colorful plants for centuries served as a tool to express their feelings, gradually moving from the unpretentious, thin bouquet of wild flowers in bright, colorful multi-element composition, each element of which is placed a designer in strictly designated place, forming a complexe whole, a complete picture of a flower. By the way, in Moscow the most incredible floral arrangements make in the floral studio BUKETI.RU, you can, as well as other interesting floral arrangement. Everyone knows that each flower expresses a certain attitude and puts the same clear focus. The same applies to the color scheme. Clodponovka bouquet is a new course in floristry, allowing escape from the monotony of repetitive bouquets and match possible hitherto incongruous colors, to create compositions in which even the smallest components play a vital limited for their role. In this case, the output is a bouquet which is an entire song - mnogogeign carrying deep and broad sense, forcing a different look at ordinary things and look for hidden subtexts in this enchanting message. Really spectacular composition - is not just a combination of different flowering plants. It is important to think about colors, sizes and shapes of the bouquet, play shades, create a certain mood,give a precise meaning and cause the desired feelings. An experienced designer knows how and in what places accents, while the newcomer is obliged to pay great attention to even the smallest detail, in order to grow in the future in-class specialists in the field of floristry.

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