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The anatomical structure of the female body is such that even in very skinny girls ands an small layer of fat on the tummy. Its value depends not only on extra pounds, but on the individual features of a layer thickness as well as the degree of natrenirovannosti direct and oblique abdominal muscles. If you are by nature weak muscles or body fat more desirable, tummy will constantly remind myself about.

In the struggle for the ideal shape and slimming waist suitable buy. Today the market is represented by a variety of sporting goods tools used for this purpose, ranging from simulators for the home environment and completing a professional inventory.

The most effective for FSUsUden belly recognized the following:

  • Hulahup or gymnastic hoop . This tool can also be used indoors,   and in the gym. On the inner side thereof placed special massage balls to strengthen local impact than a contraction triggered by acceleratedganie fat in the problem area. In addition, the weighted hoops are available, the use of which is associated with a large burning calories provided with additional elements for massage, as well as a special sensor fixing calories burned, time use, and even waist circumference. Daily use of the simulator for oneth month will save a waist of extra 15cm;
  • Disk floor . Its application requires no special skills or physical fitness. Moreover, the physical effort during use rather small. During rotations in different directions occurs strengthen the abdominal muscles are relaxed, thenizirovanie tummy skin and gradually tightened. However, to achieve the desired effect using this sports equipment needed daily for at least 20 minutes;
  • Electronic belt . The operating principle of « simulator for the lazy » based on special width generateddue to electron sensors. Under their influence declined rapidly abdominal muscles, causing them happening at the same time strengthening and fat burning in the problem area of ??the abdomen.

To achieve toned tummy and a slim waist in addition to classes at various simulators can be carried out special massages, body wraps, and beamabove combine these procedures.

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