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Metal, in particular varietal or shaped sheet steel, is one of the most popular Materiafishing for the manufacture of various products. For example, steel sheet is used for the production of finished parts separately and for forming preforms for use in further manufacture of finished products. Shaped bar steel (circle, square, hexagon) is used for the manufacture of various bodies of revolution (bushings, axles, shaftsetc.). Metalloprofil type of channel, angle, I-beam are used as elements of a skeleton of steel structures. Naturally, from a sheet or bar just to produce the item. Today - rather demanded service. To do this, you must use the methods of metal cutting (most often). On what should be nromezhutochnaya and the final shape of the part, the choice of method depends on its processing and the hardware on which it will be implemented. In any case, a production that wants to grow steadily, not only in terms of quantity but also in quality, is bound to have on the balance of software systems for metal CNC. They work in automaticskom mode, according to the program written by the programmer or operator of the machine. Based on the above requirements, the highest demand is for the following types of machine tools:

  • machines for sheet metal . The most commonly used machines using plasma, Laser, gas or waterjet cutting. The machine uses the guidance program that includes cutting the sheet;
  • Machine tools for bodies of revolution . Bar stock is processed to a final form on lathes and CNC milling machines, which use a text program afterprocessing sequence.

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