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Manaus, Brazil

Flying over the green carpet of the Brazilian jungle, no way you can not imagine, that under the thick canopy of tropical trees stretches a fairly large city of Manaus. Its central part is similar to the ancient European towns with quiet cobbled streets, cozy shops and ancient facades of once majestic palaces.  However, once you leave the center - you will find yourself in the enchanted thickets of wild jungles of Amazonia.

Manaus Manaus is the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas. It is located in the middle reaches of the Amazon, at the confluence of two rivers, the Rio Negro and Solimoes. The local population is mainly composed of Indians living in the original huts on stilts with a roof of palm fronds. The value of Manaus is that it, in fact, is the connecting link between modern civilization and pristine tropical.

Wedding of rivers ManausOne of the unique attractions of the city - is the local natural wonder, called the "wedding of rivers". The temperature difference of the two rivers that form a single stream of Amazon allows them to run parallel to each other, not being mixed. Since the water of the Rio Negro black due to saturation with minerals, then two-color Amazon picture looks quite unusual.

Manaus jungle Amazon jungle trip - an exciting expedition that will be gladly organized for you by experienced Manaus guides. Because wandering alone among the wild nature is very dangerous. You can not only get lost, but also stumble on representatives of the wild fauna that are minded hostilely. A popular excursion is a night cruise along the waters of the Amazon. Departure from Manaus happens at sunset. Escorting the solar disk for a deserved daily rest, tourists sail from the city to the beautiful Lake Zhanauari. There they squat on a canoe and started further excursion through channels among the jungle. In the night light of small lamps most incredible fantasies come to life, spurred by incessant sounds of the environment. Jungle awake. Their inhabitants hiding in the wilderness, waiting, looking, searching... the same places do not look as threatening in the daytime, so opposers of the night romantics can make the journey in daylight.

Manaus brazilIn addition to natural attractions, Manaus is also famous by cultural monuments. You can visit the City theater of 1896 year, were known troupes from all over the world played in that time. Now the popularity of the theater fell, and local guides lead tours there in order to show the surviving interior of more then century ago. The Church of San Sebastian in Manaus is shrouded in an aura of legend. One of its towers, according to the legend, is resting on the bottom of the ocean. It did not want to leave it homeland and punished encroached on it Europeans, by having sunk their ship. Also Indian Museum is worthy of attention, the exhibition of which represents an elements of their multifaceted culture. Heart of the City - is the area Matris with the clock which is dating back about 300 years. And, of course, after a rich cultural program you should eat tightly. You can do this in one of the cozy restaurants, which menu will surprise and please even the pickiest foodies.

Manaus brazilIt's preferably to vacationing in Manaus from January to July. It's humid enough at that time and the temperature is kept within 30 degrees Celsius. From August to December in Manaus comes scorching dry summer. At least the scorching rays are partially hidden by canopy of tropical trees, but still are quite venomous and dangerous.

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