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- original pageana amazingly beautiful nature colorful combining tradition and modernity. Foreign tourists have long mastered the bus and caravan tours Mongolia, colorful festivals, trekking and fishing.

How to get

Five days a week Aeroflot operates direct flights Moscow - Ulan Bator, longelnostyu 6 hours. Direct flights have also Ulan-Ude, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk.

You can use the railway: from Yaroslavsky station in Moscow to Ulan Bator the train. The route passes through the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway, the train will have to spend more than four days.

From close to the border and border crossings in Mongolia are regular flights and bus.


The most convenient currency when traveling to Mongolia - American dollars. Euro can be exchanged only in the capital, and only in the capital can be sharedsya credit cards. Travel within Mongolia should make zapasshis cash MNT.


The Mongolians are very hospitable, however, there are some nuances of behavior that tourists need to remember. Do not give up treats - politely accepteven a small piece, be sure your right hand. Also need to use the right hand, taking food from common dishes. In yurts is not accepted to stand in the doorway, whistling and build on supporting pillar. It is not necessary to touch the head of the Mongol, whether adult or child, be careful not to stay back to seniors. Mongolians consider sacred fire - it is notlzya neither fill nor trample and certainly not taken incinerate garbage.


sharply continental climate of Mongolia is a clear distinction between seasons, hot, dry summers and cold winter. Precipitation occurs mainly in the northern and north-western parts of the country. The Gobi Desert and thrip parts of the country can be carried out without rain for several years.

Sunny days in Mongolia more than 260 a year.

The best time to travel - from May to October, the peak tourist season is in July - August.

Travel across the Gobi Desert best Sauveurshat in September or October: heat of the day at this time of night falls and it's not too cold. In early spring, late autumn and you can see all four seasons in one day.


Conventional high-rise hotels in Mongolia is only in Ulaanbaatar. It is the European level ofstinits quite match European prices - from $ 180 to « pyatizvezdochnike ».

Outside the capital is usually a hotel room (and often the only possible kind of property) is a yurt. Yurt towns specialized in tourism, sightseeing and adventure tours. Range of services in the yurt ofrodke wide - from elementary to camping accommodation suites with all the amenities. Accommodation prices start at $ 35.

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