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It is hard to imagine srednestatistical house (in the broadest sense of the word), in which there would be a PC, laptop or tablet. And it becomes less and less places you would not have penetrated the ubiquitous Internet. Its role in human activity at the present stage, it is difficult to overestimate. In addition to the extremely professional, work purposes, internet actively usedfor recreation, including by computer games. Particularly widespread among Internet users, has received a category of games are actively using the network interface and the organization of the multiplayer mode of the game - MMOG. The forerunner of this genre can be considered such network games like Star Craft or Counter Strike.But their main difference from any game genre MMOG is an opportunity to play on a local network (which was not originally focused MMOG), as well as a small number of gamers involved in the game (2 to several tens). Any MMOG, for example, is quite popular in recent years Russian development Panzar, operates exclusively in the Baltic HotelsdH mode, engaging gameplay to a few tens of thousands of gamers simultaneously. By the way, the game, please visit: If we consider in more detail the game Panzar, then its action takes place in a sort of dream world of fantasy, with all the attendant circumstances. I mean, first of all, a set of categories of characters towh ich is typical for the genre of fantasy in general - humans, elves, orcs, dwarves. Each category has its own distinctive character and weapon skills (for example, the elves are more focused on magic, while the dwarves use a variety of mechanisms). For a game characterized by phasing characterized by different goals:

  • stage of development at which the so-called leveling in terms of equipment and skills (maximum, at the moment, is the thirtieth level);
  • stage of self, that is clan-based game at the highest level of development.

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