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The seventh generationstion game consoles coming to an end, and in the end you need to summarize. So, for example, for the Xbox 360 such outcome is released games for the sake of which it is worth to buy this console. By the way, can be purchased in the online store: playland.kiev.ua. List of exclusive games that can be played only on this platform. And so, let's start:

Dead Rising

The game of zombies from the creators of the legendary Resident Evil. This horror? Partially. Many zombies? Yeah. Charismatic and interesting characters? Pile of! A great story? Definitely. This is a game in which the main character was locked in the mall supersaturated thousands of the living dead, and you can kill them all dThe available methods. There are shopping trolley? Accelerates and Davie everything that will meet! See an electric guitar? Vmazh zombies on his head! Well, about all sorts of chainsaw and katana I generally keep quiet.

Gears of War 2

Full sweat and blood, harsh and brutal blockbuster.
This game combines the   epic story, A variety of unique in terms of level design, hurricane gameplay, addictive multiplayer, a great soundtrack and of course the graphics, which is olitsitvoreniem power of Xbox ’ as well.

Lost Odyssey

The game has: epic story, having worked for the universe of the game, a lot of characters, and step by step withIstemi fight. In general, everything that everyone loves old JRPG. The main disadvantage of the game is its jaded - not feeling that something like we have once seen before. In short, this game is not for everyone, but it's definitely worth a look.

Fable II

Fable I was perfect: the characters, the plot,soundtrack, world and gameplay - everything was up to par. Say that Fable II is not a bad game properly, as it is excellent. It is true when compared to the 1st part, I noticed a regression. What is the plot, then everything here at a decent level, even in comparison with Fable III. With each new part focuses on the simulation of life, rather than develment RPG-system of the game. Therefore, sometimes more interesting to be a part of the world, rather than - part of the story. You have the opportunity to conduct their own business perform different quests have the opportunity to start a family, to explore the world.

Forza Motorsport 4

In the game: a large number of machines, the graphics at a high level,realistic physics, sane soundtrack and quality multiplayer.

Halo 4

co-op missions with more than 1,000 hours of gameplay. Mozgovynosyaschy story paired with Hurricane shooting. Multiplayer with well-designed combat system.

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