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The modern world dictates the conditions inzaimootnosheny and workflow. Modern business as well, and other spheres of activity, more goes into the virtual world, the world of the Internet. At this point, the Internet - is the most effective tool in achieving their goals (communication, financial transactions, advertising and cultural events). To date, itsown website on the internet can successfully replace all advertising media world. Provided of course, the correct structure (in terms of perception and assimilation of information to be published) and the appropriate interesting content (content). When you create a site, you can use the services of professional programmers and specialized computerREPRESENTATIONS, but you can try to do everything yourself, saving a tidy sum. In this case, you need a tool that has all the necessary capabilities and an intuitive interface for people who are far from the theory of programming. To date, the most convenient system for the implementation of such meropriyaty is DataLife Engine. It is so-called content management system (CMS). Is a comprehensive tool designed based on PHP, using separate functions for MySQL, HTML, JS. System developers DataLife Engine is positioned as a universal mechanism for organizing Internet portals (butVostNII) and blogs. To date, a huge number of templates and modules for the CMS, by the way, download them for free, please visit:. In fact, on the basis of DataLife Engine can create their own virtual media. The system has the flexibility and performance in terms of working with large volumes of information andtraffic. In addition to the basic version of DataLife Engine 10.3, developed and used by a large number of templates, modules, scripts, allowing to create a website for your needs.

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