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In today's world, interstate cooperation Yawby the absolutely normal, because the economy any, a particular state is partially integrated into the global economic network. In circumstances where one country produces goods for another, or they jointly produce for the third state, certainly there is a stage of the delivery of finished products.As a rule, finished goods and products supplied over long distances, moreover, in large quantities (for economic profitability). In such circumstances certainly have to use the services of an intermediary transport logistics company. Pretty serious authority in this industry to the company. For more than ten years of the activnoy logistics activities, the company has acquired considerable experience, has significantly expanded its customer base, traffic volumes, its own fleet. Currently, all transportation, for which the company is taken, carried out on the basis of more than 30 units of vehicles. In the car park of Neolithic quietly coexist: a movable freight maproximal curb weight from 2 to 22 tons, as well as minesweepers, specifically used for transporting cargo weighing from 30 to 120 tons. Since the company has positioned itself as a transportation and logistics, in its field of interest includes the following services:

  • transport freight transportation standard, notdimensional (trawl), temperature types, the transport of dangerous goods and complete;
  • insurance services and warehousing services;
  • brokerage services to overcome boundaries.

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