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Although, in fact, a wholesale distrust of the authorities (this is a completely objective nrichiny), the country and all its inhabitants live in a single legal field, which means all the official relations between the subjects made on the basis of legislation and regulations. This state of things is quite logical basis and preconditions. Firstly, we all strive to build a democratic society (at least in words), and this lakeappoint the rule of law and equality of all its subjects. Second, the number of official economic relations has increased not at times, but in the thousands, and even hundreds of thousands, causing a need for a level playing field for all and the rules of the game, and thus perfectly appropriate opportunities to prove his innocence. The simplest and, simultaneouslybut the most common example of this relationship is the process of buying and selling a particular product or service. A similar process confirms that regulates the rights and obligations of both parties to the proceedings (for example, the seller must deliver on the agreed terms a product or service, and the buyer is obliged to pay it in a certain villageslander size). Since the scope of this agreement (in different versions) covers a fairly extensive part of the financial, economic and business activities in each sector of the economy it has its approved law form (retail purchase, sale, delivery, contracting, real estate, transport, business cenENA etc.).

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