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The novel with a man who is loved is one of the most beautiful moments in the life of any person. No wonder they say that lovecures all. Can be long to give examples as having fallen in love, he becomes quite unlike himself, did wonderful things, happiness in the world. This is certainly good, but if the relationship lasts for more than 3 years, it is almost always necessary to overcome the crisis of three years, even if it started with. Not sure that this crisis comes exactly one tWhen, following a meeting with the elect, but usually it always takes place in three, four or five years of marriage. But what could he be connected?

The first couple months worships the soul in each other, love and hormones do not give the brain to adequately assess the situation and lovers only see the good in his chosen one, evenif all the disadvantages of face. However, if the end of the candy-buketnogo period (approximately 1 year), a couple can still be together, to please each other, to arrange a date that 3- to 4 years of living together all the romance ends. People are already starting to get used to each other and discover their true colors, show their « & raquo ;, cockroaches peopleand begin to feel like owners and are located as it is convenient. In addition to this time in the family usually have children who just need attention and become the new « bone of contention & raquo ;.

So what to do, divorce or solve the problem? Everyone decides for himself, but probably worth a try to get through thisrizis, because only after it begins the real joint married life.

In order to resolve this crisis must act together would be great if a couple is aware of what is now happening to them and wants to find this decision difficult when one of the spouses does not understand what is happening. But still worthnote that the keeper of the hearth is a woman, and a way out of the crisis to a greater extent lies on her shoulders.

Here are the basic rules that will facilitate the exit from the crisis:

  1. Discuss any problems. Do not hide or anything nutria in itself, especially if the problem relates to your secondhalves, always say what you do not become obsolete, but try not to do it in the form of a claim;
  2. Active listening . This item is similar to the first, but it contains elements of the psychological impact. Often, people move away from each other, because they feel that they do not understand, etc.yr friend. Try to understand the significant other that you understand why he did it, as well as tell what you feel for yourself. For example, for a place that would say: « Why are you again scattered his socks? & Raquo ;, say: « Honey, I know you're tired from work, but I was not very nice that you threw your socks straightabout here. & raquo ;;
  3. Options solutions . Continue in the second paragraph, when you feel your soul mate, try to choose the way to solve the problem or offer several ways for yourself. For example for a place that would say only one, convenient for you option: « Socks must be incloset! & raquo ;, ask: « Where would you put it easier socks that they would not lay anywhere, choose the place itself & raquo ;;
  4. Unload the environment . Remember how you were good when you first met, what you were wonderful and notice every little thing. These little things are not where no casesvivo Recording, you just got used to it and now do not appreciate, and do not notice, try to remember everything. And for the more romantic environment to arrange a meeting;
  5. Touch each other . Kisses and embraces this important part of life together as soon as they disappear, you cease to feel and understand their secondmate, do not lose the connection. Kissed his wife before going to bed and hug her husband before the work is not difficult, but it can greatly lengthen your life together.

Love one another, and remember that love is not only a gift, but also a test, breaking that, you get more than you can imagine!

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