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Any child almost from infancy to adolescence vozrasthat some of his free time is dedicated game: for preschool and primary school age, it is almost the main activity. Game - it is not just a means to occupy free time, it is also quite indispensable process of formation of the child's specific knowledge and skills. Playing, the child develops, learns what to dom this process actually indispensable. Kind of games depends both on the gender dimension (sex of the child, the transmitted genetic information), and on the values ??and opportunities provided by parents and society. For example, the so happened that boys are more passionate in the game, technique (cars, construction etc.), while asgirls - taking care of a home and on his beloved (dolls, dishes, personal belongings). Recently, thanks to the spread of digital technology the center of the gaming activity has shifted from the real to the virtual world. Very sensitive to the effect of, children (especially girls') is seeking to transfer the brain seen in, say, love cartoons, in real orvirtual (computer) plane games. There is quite a lot of computer, but they can be grouped into the following thematic groups:

  • games based on cartoons (Winx, Monster High, Barbie Rapunzel and others);
  • dressing game (include process dressingModeling style virtual dummy or character);
  • logic games;
  • coloring game.

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