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For none of us is not alien to such a thing, etc.otsess as repairs. He takes a lot of free time, money and nerves owners. You can, of course, to do this thankless task, but here are some important points:

  • First, you should, because of the wide range of works on beautification and modification of facilities, have realrepresentation of what and how to perform what funds are needed for this purpose;
  • Second, have set all the necessary tools that may be needed in the repair process;
  • Third, have an extraordinary view of the future design of your home.

Combine all three factors in one person, it is extremely difficult, and the use of employees, will require more and pay for their services (considering their level of qualification). How to be a person in circumstances where there is an overwhelming desire to to change your home, but there is no special knowledge, time and money to pay footwecial workers? Out there - please contact the project "" and their highly trained specialists within three days will make of your den trendy cozy home. The project exists, now, more than ten years and during that time we have got a remarkable experience and made happy many families (if you consider the fact that the program goes on TV everyweek, it is easy to estimate that the number exceeded 500). Take part in the program can any resident of Moscow and the region, fill in the appropriate form and qualifier. All work is done by experts in their field and are recorded on the camcorder. Anyone who attended the School of repairs, guaranteed to receive a Givenok uniqueness of his home.

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