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In today's fast-flowing and dynamic world of security is one of the most important places ka in personal and corporate life. TArantxa safety is a factor calm and orderly development, lack of stress and other stimuli. Security activity carries a very high degree of responsibility, there are no unimportant details and trifles, as often at stake is the human health and life, as well as the integrity of the property. Firm Predosanent, whether public or private, it should have all the necessary material and technical resources, have qualified human resources, specializing in the performance of specific tasks. All services that can provide security company, for example: Mega-palm, can be guaranteed to be divided into three waspsmajor groups:

1. Physical security

This kind of security guard services means a person (an individual), or any object, with the obligatory presence on it employee of the security agency (banks, offices, cottage villages. In the first case required have a staff of qualified telohraNITEL having sufficient knowledge and skills to save the life and health of the client. In a second embodiment of the employee requires the availability of skills actions in a confined space.

2. Technical security

is used to remove the protection of objects by installing video surveillance systems on themtion, as well as specialized signaling systems (eg, fire). In this case, requires the presence of the necessary logistical support.

3. Combined

combines the features of the previous two.

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