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Apartments in recent years is gaining popularity. Whether it is a separate apartment or malanky "budget hotel" (hostel). Each of these temporary housing options have their advantages, features and drawbacks: for example, the hostel offers group accommodation at a lower price and comfort, while as a separate apartment is a bit more expensive, but much more comfortable. For those who are important comfort, warmth home and we provide Depspruce living space.

Who can use or to whom it will be interesting proposal?

  • First, it is clear that such a service would be more than popular among young couples who want to retire in their romantic and intimate relationships. Much more comfortable and to organize an unforgettable evening butGrigorievich in a cozy, furnished apartments, rather than in a hotel doroguschego yl cheap, but not comfortable and not in contact with the hostel's privacy;
  • Second, you are, for example, went to another city for shopping. The event itself is a tedious and long-term (in the case of representatives of the fairOn the floor), and therefore, to improve efficiency, requiring a break in shopping. Again, it is better to do it in a separate apartment, rather than have their purchases for all to see.
  • Third, there is a category of tourists as "weekend tourists" who prefer to combine sightseeing, cultural and entertaintive program with a cozy holiday.

For all of you sutki67.ru company has established a network of apartments to suit every taste and price level. If you need or if the Smolensk region sutki67.ru - this is exactly what you need.

Their advantages:

  • Each apartment is fullyfurnished, with appliances and protected;
  • application process and accommodation does not have a time limit;
  • daily rental cost, fixed and does not change depending on holidays;
  • comfortable hotel and view informationand apartments.

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