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Let's say you need andwhether other products. What do you do? Remember, no matter what products you want to import from China, most importantly, you should always be aware of some rules that need to know all the importers that operate in China.

  1. In order to find a Chinese supplier you can use the InternBabe. There are plenty of online resources (,, et al.), In addition, you can visit the trade show, where he participated Chinese manufacturers;
  2. Before you choose a particular provider, you better carry out an audit of your production company potentiallyfirst provider to reaffirming its production capabilities;
  3. Ask the manufacturer samples of his products and offer price;
  4. You need to verify that your right to understand your needs and specifications;
  5. Send suppliersku detailed specifications. You need to determine the level of quality that products must comply with the supplier;
  6. Before shipment of products at the factory regularly check its quality. Also, to avoid unpleasant surprises at the last moment you should check the quality of products in the earlyth stage of its manufacture;
  7. It is necessary to make sure that the products you produce in China, is not contrary to the guidelines / standards of the country of origin;
  8. The whole delivery process should be clearly planned. Determining the estimated time of arrival of cargo, you need to have in hand 1 week;
  9. In order to establish business relations personally, it would be nice to meet with your supplier in China;
  10. Do not you need to take from your supplier unreasonable explanation of type: "this is impossible" …

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