Taras Shevchenko poem Dumka 4


Shevchenko poem Dumka

Translation of the poem Dumka.

Shevchenko's poem Dumka (It is hard to live in the world), which was first published in 1843 in the almanac "Youngling".


It's hard to live in the world

For orphan without family,

Nowhere to lay his head, -

At least fall from the mountain into the water!

Would be drowned young,

In order not to miss;

Would be drowned, - because it's hard to live

And nowhere to go.

His fate is walking in the field,

And collects spikes;

And my is wandering

Somewhere over the sea.

It's good to be rich:

People know him

And they meet me -

How not notice me.

Girl respects

rich and thick-lipped man.

And they laughing and mocking

Over me - an orphan.

"Or I'm not handsome,

Or don't look like you

Or do not love you sincerely,

Or laugh at you?

So you can love, my dear,

Love, those who you knows

But do not laugh at me,

If you will remember me.

And I'll go to the edge of the world...

And in the strange land

I'll find a better one or die.

As a leaf in the sun".

Cossack went away longing,

And nobody left.

Searching for destiny in the foreign field

And there died.

While dying, he looked

Where the sun shines...

It's hard to die

In the strange land...

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