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Taras Shevchenko Zapovit - 1845 year.

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Taras Shevchenko Zapovit

Translation of the poem Taras Shevchenko Zapovit.

Taras Shevchenko Zapovit was posted in 1845 when author was seriously ill, in this poem he called the Ukrainians to the revolution for freedom.


When i die, then bury
Me on the grave
Among the wide steppe
On the dear Ukraine
So the wide field,
And the Dnieper, and cliffs
It was seen it was heard,
How roaring roar.
When it will carry from Ukraine
In the Blue Sea
Enemy's blood... Then I
Will leave everything:
Fields and mountains -
And then will fly
To the God himself
And will Pray ... but before
I do not know God.
Bury and rise,
Break the chains
And with evil enemy's blood
Sprinkle the freedom.
And do not forget to remember me
In the new, free large family
With nonevil, quiet word.

Listen Shevchenko Zapovit:

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Van Insurance Posted
04 May 12
This is a very nice poem. We all need freedom. This is a good idea to achieve freedom. Check this out! van insurance
Benny Posted
26 Decemb. 12
Powerful lirycs!

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