In Zhytomyr police trained to ATO in the area during the intensive course

police officers, who will soon replace their colleagues in the turbulent east, improve knowledge and practical skills in action in extreme conditions during the week of specialized training. Going to the police officers are specialists and volunteers fordifferent areas: the medical, physical, fire, tactical and special psychological and other training. A hundred police officers from all districts improve their professional skills at Zhytomyr college training police, allowing law enforcement to properly prepare for future challenges. - During andntensyvnoho course, which lasts for a week, every police officer will qualitatively new knowledge and consolidate their skills are needed in order to not only perform office tasks, but also to protect himself and his comrades in combat conditions - says Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Maxim training Kaptenko. - For this we invited experts-greatktykiv that, given current conditions, will share with the audience useful information and give their practical knowledge. The curriculum provides new knowledge and practical skills in conditions as close to the fighting. So every day, students are engaged in a particular field of study. In particular, studies with nadaing first aid experts conduct not only medical but also volunteers practice. His police skills practiced first in the classroom Zhytomyr militia School and later went on to perfect action already at the landfill. Fire training police also are not only tire but at the landfill in Caryvnytstvom experienced military. In the combat skills of proper handling of various types of weapons, which only recently used by police, such as automatic weapons and grenade launchers, depends on the efficiency of the assigned tasks, and the safety and security of citizens. And the tactics in the law enforcement and access controlregime at checkpoints and in the towns already work out at the Dog Training Center at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is specifically designed with the experience of colleagues who have repeatedly visited the mission in the area of ??ATO, training ground. - These classes are going on a systematic basis, because we owe the most to prepare personnel to the possibilityyvyh situations that arise during the execution of tasks in a combat zone - said Deputy Chief of Internal Affairs Zhytomyr - public security police chief George Swan. - I am sure that in any situation of our staff will identify professionalism and courage, and thus efficiently execute their work. Natalia Timchuk, SZEM MIAUkraine Zhytomyr region