In the Zhytomyr region Korostishev operatives arrested two robbers to

Korostyshiv police station turned 35-year-old resident of the district center with a notice robbery on the street. Operatives of the Criminal Investigation established women offenders and persons detained them. The applicant told the police that night at the entrance of the house twounidentified men took away her purse, which were money, cell phone and passport of the citizen of Ukraine on its name. The amount of loss is 300 USD. Operatives of the Criminal Investigation receiving frivolous description of a woman unknown, found those robbers. They were residents aged 27 and 33 years old who confessed to the crime. Disclosedadenomas removed. Dear citizens, do not forget to take care of their own safety. Returning home in the evening, choose lit routes, if necessary arrange in advance to have met people, or use a taxi. If you are still unable to avoid meeting with a robber immediately contact the nearest police station.SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region