Ternopil requires 30 thousand. Tons of peat briquettes in the year

on the resumption of the SE "Shumsky Peat Plant" was discussed at a regional meeting on the functioning of the peat industry is On February 18 chaired by the Deputy Regional Governor Leonid Bytsyury. Participation in it was representative of the Ministry of enerEthics and Coal Industry of Ukraine in the direction of peat industry Maxim Nemchinov, Director of "Rivnetorf" Irina Tymoshchuk, Director of "Podillyatorf" Nicholas Gula, representatives of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism RSA. Re-DP "Shumsky Peat Plant" in Ternopil OblastTh, a clear business plan on peat extraction, fixing quotas for the purposes of making peat briquettes region - on these issues, the meeting focused. As you know, the factory is located in the district Shumsky, but managed by the State Enterprise "Podillyatorf" registered in the Khmelnitsky region. Representatives of the Ministryand Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Maxim Nemchinov stressed that supports the position of Ternopil Regional Administration and Shumsky district state administration to re-fastest in terms of SE "Shumsky Peat Plant" in Ternopil region. "The company, which uses royalty edge should pratsyuvatm in the local community and monitored her "- he said. As part of the meeting agreed that the Ministry of Energy, together with SE "Podillyatorf" changes the statutory documents SE "Podillyatorf." In particular, with regard to the legal address of the company. Director of "Rivnetorf" Irina Tymoshchuk outlined possible areas of cooperation between SE "Rivnetorf"Peat and factory in Shumsk. "High-quality peat napivbryket that offers our company already provides triple savings - said Iryna Tymoshchuk. - Peat environmentally friendly, more convenient and more practical than coal. A minor amount of ash remaining after burning briquettes can be used as a peatf fertilizer. So the transition of local industrial, municipal power, budgetary organizations and the local population fuels has economic justification. " Deputy Head Leonid Bytsyura noted the need for peat production in 2014 in Ternopil was 42 thousand tons. Including 30 thousand. Tonnespeat briquettes. A software production activities SE "Shumsky Peat Plant" will not only help reduce the consumption of natural gas, but also will create new jobs and fill the local budget. "Over 2014 active region upgraded heating system and implemented the measures to reduce consumption etc.yrodnoho gas - said Leonid Alekseevich. - During the year implemented 68 projects to switch over to alternative fuels in public sector institutions. The priority for 2015 we identified the creation of market fuel in Ternopil region. We understand that the price of firewood are increasing. Partly decide situation in the field of Peat help restore the plant. Also, it would help reduce the cost of fuel for our boilers and preserve forest reserve land. " As part of the meeting agreed on the mechanism of interaction of torfosyrovyny processing facilities in Ternopil SE "Rivnetorf" and peat, which does not meet the standards of production torfobryKets, the need for agriculture. In general, to restore the plant need a lot of money, because production capacity were destroyed. There are all kinds of arrears payments. As informed the Deputy Governor Leonid Bytsyura, is over 1.5 million, including accounts payable. "Although the situationis difficult, but at this time we have an understanding with the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and together with them we offer such a debt write-down mechanism, "- said the deputy. Also at the meeting discussed issues related to the preparation of the Regional Programme functioning Peat industry 2020 was to be included in a comprehensive state program. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration

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