Charity Festival "On the Wings of Hope" brought together talented Bukovinians

final stage Charity Festival "On the Wings of Hope" is the Central Park of Culture and Rest named Shevchenko. This long festival - a great opportunity for people with disabilities to take part in creative competitions, showcase their meltls in different areas show extremely interesting work made manually. At the site near Summer Theatre - embroidery, beadwork, paintings, articles of plastic bottles, wrought iron and glass interior. Create, sew, sing, live and enjoy every passing day - a sort of credo of those who, despite limited physical developmentCreates wonderful products from scrap materials, wrote their own poems or pictures. The festival - fair social services, a meeting of literary and artistic association "in the family" in the restaurant "Park Tower" and a gala concert "Chords of Hope". With the words of welcome, capture the strength and courage of these men and true towishes of health, success and good mood were the organizers and guests, including MP Maxim Bourbaki Ukraine, Chernivtsi deputy mayor Maria Porchuk, chairman of regional society of invalids Nicholas Rosca. Words of gratitude were heard from member societies spynalnykiv "Dream" Orysia Kurchak, which is released into the sky a symbol of peaceand happiness - white doves and colored balls as a symbol of the hopes and desires of all participants of the festival. This was reported in the Chernivtsi City Council