In the Zhytomyr region nadzvychaynyky removed the dead man from the rubble of the destroyed building

June 2 at 14:30 on the item called ’ connection 19 th State Fire and Rescue parts of the city. Chudnov was reported that in the village. Large Korovyntsi man pryvalylo rubble brick building. About the accident nadzvychaynykiv be notified friendidolashnoho farmer. Rescuers who arrived to place the call saw that the middle of the chest buildings scattered debris. How can ’ it turned out 26-year-old victim lived in Great Korovyntsi. On that day he and his friends went to the territory of non-working sugar mill in search of scrap metal. They noticed a metal channel in the ceiling and decidedit removed. When her husband was in part destroyed overlap, it collapsed and covered him. During rescue operations nadzvychaynyky found the body of a peasant who, unfortunately, have no signs of life. Soldiers DSNS using hydraulic scissors jack and pneumatic cushions freed the dead from the rubble. In DSNS of ryeyrskiy area