Vinnytchina: "Workers and professional management - are the main driving forces of enterprise" (+ photos)

This said RSA chairman Valery Cow in the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of JSC "Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant", which took place in July of the third the regional philharmonic "Pleiad". Participation in urochyDental meeting also attended Chairman of the Regional Council Sergey scrolls and Acting Mayor, City Council Secretary Sergei Morgunov. The head of the Vinnytsia oil and fat plant Dmitry Chalenko presented the collection of presentation slides, held a brief excursion into the history of the company and outlined the most significant achievements of the times, andwarping. In particular, he said: "Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant spares no effort and development time employee. For individual employee growth is indispensable component of success all the plant and its prosperity in the future. " Welcoming those present Valery Cow said: "Given the long history of existence, staff and management of the plantreally should be proud of. Because your work is important in our present. In my opinion, it is certain obstacles of previous years have given new impetus to the development of oil and fat plant. This so-called "new breath" has positive results to date. One of the main factors that influenced the huge step forward in the workthe plant is its staff. After all, professional staff and management - are the main driving forces of Vinnytsia oil and fat plant ". Valery Cow thanked the investors and the management of the plant for the indifferent attitude to help our military personnel who are in the area of ??anti-terrorist operations. And supporting the people and providing them Mr.ovyh jobs. "You know that the President of Ukraine actually initiated amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine in the process of decentralization. This is very important because local governments today is of great powers and responsibility for the development of the territory. Therefore, we faced new challengesand new opportunities. You can always count on the support of regional authorities in the further development ", - said chairman of the State Administration. He wished the present world, new opportunities and God's blessing. In turn, Sergei scrolls stressed the importance and significance of the anniversary: ??"Your work is an example of what can Ukrainian bottlesand among the leaders in the global economy. Your achievements is - hard work and tireless. So you inspiration in the work and new achievements. " With the words of greetings to the participants of the meeting appealed Sergey Morgunov: "It should be noted that thanks to management and staff combine became the pride of the city of Vinnytsia. PJSC "Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant" is now a part ofbest enterprises of Vinnytsia. In hard times you were able to survive and even more to build capacity and achieve significant success. I wish to continue to occupy leading positions in your industry. " During the celebrations the best employees were awarded diplomas of State Administration and Regional Council and Diplomas Vinnitsa Cityher council and its executive committee, remuneration and flowers. Besides, the diploma and the sign of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "For Merits to the Ukrainian people" was awarded the General Director of "Vinnytsia industrial company" Alla Vlasyuk and commercial director of Agro-Inter Igor Radom. As well as the honorary title "earnenyy the food and processing industry of Ukraine "was awarded the Deputy Chairman of manufacture, chief technologist of JSC" Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant "Lyudmila Music. Also, for significant contribution to socio-economic development of the city, high professionalism, active social position and to mark the 60th anniversary of PJSC "Binnytskyy Oil and Fat Plant "Honorable Mayor and cash prize was awarded Dmitry Chalenko plant manager. During celebrations festive atmosphere prevailed, attendees had an opportunity to enjoy performances of creative groups. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration