Ukraine Championship on fire-applied sport continues to define its winners

July 2 after the grand award winners of races in climbing the ladder assault juniors and young men competed in two forms: overcoming the 100-meter strip with obstacles and combat deployment. Already from the first seconds on a hundred-meter strip with obstacles wagedI uncompromising struggle for leadership. And during the struggle became one undoubted truth – except dexterity and good speed characteristics athlete must have an iron shutter and strong nerves. The leader in this kind among the youngest group of participants was Ivan Dem ’ Yanchuk from Rivne. Its result – 18.03 seconds. In the middle dRs best - Sergey Danilchenko from Ivano-Frankivsk region, and the third place won Alexander Gorokhov of Mykolayiv. A small break between performances slightly weakened excitement and sports tension, but reduced the desire of teams to victory. All eagerly awaited events of the beginning of combat deployment, which is considered nayvydovyschniPWM and most challenging views. It was here the final result depends on many factors, and dexterity and skill does not always guarantee victory. This is what created the real intrigue predict the end result of which was beyond the power of anyone. Here are best applied scientists of Mykolayiv region who have demonstrated a true biytsivskyy character and team play brilliantly and won. In second place – Athletes from Ivano-Frankivsk, the third – from Ternopil regions. July 3 Championship program provides fire relay 4 by 100 meters, grand closing event and award winners.