Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine finished the championship on fire and applied sport among juniors and young men

Ukraine Championship on fire-applied sport juniors and young men completed. ... And then came the moment of solemn award winners. All teams lined up on the hundred meter strip according employed persons. The third team place hardnessalosya national team of Volyn region, second – young men of Mykolayiv, well, the winner was the team championship, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Cups, diplomas, medals and prizes awarded to the winners vice president of fire and applied sport Ukraine, the chief judge of the competition, Alexander Kuzmich Tarasov, head of a DSNSthe field of civil protection Col. Vladimir Chernetskiy, the first deputy head of civil defense, Colonel Igor Oksentyuk, honored coach of Ukraine on fire and applied sport Anatoly Shevchenko. Ended the traditional celebration ritual: the right to lower the flag given commandsand winning the competition - athletes from Ivano-Frankivsk. The most happy results of the competition, of course, the winning athletes. Ukraine Championship on fire-applied sport among youth and juniors has come to an end. All participants saw their real sporting opportunities and achievements, rated power rivals. Winners have something pratsyuvayou have to keep the title and the Champions VI World Championships to be held in Belarus.