The status of the combatants Vinnytsia police received 547 (+ photos)

since the beginning of military operations in eastern Ukraine in the area of ??anti-terrorist operation had served in 1631 Vinnytsia police. 547 law enforcement officers have already received the status of combatants. the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Vinnitsa region 261 policeman that browsingonuvaly official duty in the area of ??ATO, handed the certificate combatants. Among them fighters combatant units, in particular Battalion patrol police special forces "Falcon", "Griffin", Vinnytsia city police department. By decision of the Interdepartmental Commission for consideration of materials on the recognition of combatants to sos general received 547 Vinnitsa police. Fighters welcomed the head of the regional police staffing Inna Stakhovsky thanked and merits of each policeman noting that during the period of ATO in the East defended the peace and tranquility of citizens of Ukraine. - Since the beginning of the antiterrorist operation in 1631Vinnytsia police performed their duties in a combat zone. We hope that soon all law enforcement officers who defended Ukraine will be able to acquire the status of combatants - said Inna Stakhovsky. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration