At Vinnytsia told how to protect themselves from the storm in the open

Department of Civil Protection of State Administration warns: During the storm can not hide under tall trees, especially rare. The open space is better to sit in a pit or trench. The body must have at least points of contact with the ground, do not lie on the ground, for thosethus increases the discharge area of ??destruction, but rather should sit slightly nahnuvshy head, so she was not above objects that are close. Do not hide in small buildings, huts, houses, tents, especially among the islands of trees. You also can not escape. If you have two, three or more - not in secret skupchuytesya together and hide poodynthose for discharge are known pepebihaye through the contact of human bodies. While in storage, keep your legs together and not scattered, thereby limiting the area of ??possible defeat discharge. Eliminate immediately vcix metal objects that you have, shovels, axes, knives, bracelets - put in a secure place away from yourself. Do not swim during Decemberozy, but if the storm caught while swimming, the dobyraytes to shore slowly, quietly, not waving his hands. While in the mountains, avoid various performances and promotions. Refrain from telephone calls, the great need do it quickly as soon as the next lightning discharge. If you are in an open place and suddenly exclusionvayete the hair stand on end, the skin is a slight tingling or hear a strange sound vibration emanating from objects, which means lightning is about to strike! These sensations occur for 3-4 seconds before the lightning strike. Immediately Bend forward, his hands resting on his knees (not the earth). Feet should be together, heels pressed against each other (in other districtozryad pass through the body). Remember! Electric lightning passing through the human body is common violations. In places of entry and exit burns electrical discharge produced fabrics that resemble burns of III-IV degree. Sometimes the skin are treelike branching red stripes. Man loses consciousness, reduced rateeratura body stops breathing, depressed heart function, possible state of "imaginary" death, which does not audible breathing and pulse, eyes wide, not reacting to light. Leather pale. In light impression there dizziness, tinnitus, weakness, loss of consciousness. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration