the local TV DSNS rescuers took part in the discussion of implementation measures for social security of citizens of Ukraine who moved to the territory of the districts of Rivne ATU

2 July in a live program « Middle East: migrants » on TV « Rivne-1 » discussed placementand adaptation in Rivne forced displaced people from the Crimea and eastern regions of Ukraine, the implementation of measures of social and legal support, housing for temporary stay (residence), setting them on the record and provide appropriate care in the community. In the studio with presenter talking dialers and deputy Nachalnyka of the organization activities of the Main Department of Civil Protection DSNS in Rivne region, Lieutenant civil defense Sergey Tkachuk, director of the Rivne regional center of social and psychological support Tatyana Tokarchuk, local representatives of the media and the public about head ’ unity « Allukrainian collectedENGLISH about ’ unity » internally displaced persons « Ukraine - my family ’ i » Boris Prysyazhnyuk. Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Tkachuk said that rescuers provide assistance to citizens of Ukraine, which migrated from the temporarily occupied territories and regions of ATO as conducted a survey study of medical and moral psychologistichnoho state arrived citizens and provided consultation involving staff of doctors and psychologists Regional Directorate of State Service of Emergency Situations. Also discussed during the broadcast, as organized accounting and registering citizens who arrived for temporary stay in the Rivne region, preparing a list of about ’ objects totemporary accommodation, number of seats available and where to find the necessary information for those who plan to move to Rivne. In turn, Director of the Rivne regional center of social and psychological support Tokarchuk Tatiana told about social and psychological support internally displaced persons and that social support from derzhavy and on the part of local authorities provided them. For his part the chairman of Citizen ’ unity « Ukraine - my family ’ i » Boris Prysyazhnyuk highlighted the problems that arise internally displaced persons, possible solutions and experience to overcome them. He also on behalf of all the members about ’ union sincerely podyakuvav leadership of the Main Department DSNS and public authorities Rivne for comprehensive assistance in normalizing the life of displaced persons. At the end the air present in the studio described the precise interaction of all involved services for rapid and effective resolution of social and domestic problems of temporary immigrants, thanksWhy no family is not left without timely and comprehensive assistance from the local authorities. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region