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In the Rivne region rescuers had fire Exercise at the local bakery

on July 3 in the territory Zdolbunov Ltd. « IFC Yevroinvestbud » Training held tactical exercises on extinguishing fires and rescue work at about ’ yektah storage and processing of grain. In the training participatedb employees 18th state of the Fire and Rescue Chief management DSNS in Rivne region, Zdolbuniv management operation of gas facilities on, short circuit Zdolbunovskaya station "regional center of emergency medical care and disaster medicine." Training went according to plan, the units operated smoothly and professionally. After shykuvReference participants exercise their head chief DPRCH-18 major civil protection Oleg Holodko summarized the results, giving assessment « good & raquo ;. &Laquo; The main goal – test the combat capability of fire-rescue units, namely conducting their investigation, determining critical areas of operational actions, the implementation of operational rozhortation, evacuation, implementation of safety measures and testing the interaction with the regular forces units about ’ object and Civil Defence District achieved, "- said the head unit. Employees of Emergency Response Regional Directorate of State Service of the National Assembly, who attended the teachnnyah, carried out operational quality control of data organization and training and readiness level about fire fighting ’ of the object and fire-rescue unit for tasks. Zdolbunov RS PG DSNS in Rivne region