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In Ternopil suspended trade on the street. Sheptitskiy

On July 1, according to the decisions of the executive committee, banned trade on the street. Sheptytsky. Previously, once law enforcement officials and trade management explained the need for traders to release this area exclusively for pedestrian traffic and roadway - for vehicles.&Laquo; all entrepreneurs who Str. Sheptitskiy arranged small architectural forms were repeatedly warned that from July 1 trading on the street is prohibited - says the head of housing and communal services, landscaping and ecology Nicholas Lesiv. - A July 2 businessmen and traders visiting the villages moved independently of bargainingwool on a new market, and utilities have begun to clean up abandoned waste and carry out landscaping & raquo ;. Places to trade in the markets of the city is enough. For example, in the new market area separately allocated for retail and wholesale. The cost for people who come to trade with villages, will be two hryvnia per day. &Laquo; DecisionsI cease trading at the site was taken at a meeting of the Executive Committee is 17 June. An agreement was reached with employers that they can at this time, to July 1, to collect their belongings, goods and settle on the new proposed locations - said the Mayor Sergei Nadal. - And to Ternopil was easy to get to newmarket, already from July 3 to start his side bus will run 5 and 12 streets Zhivov-Obolon Sheptitskiy-Zhivov and into the side of Friendship & raquo ;. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council